Josh Duplisea

223 Windmill Road

Dartmouth, NS B3A 4M6

(902) 719-5302


A web professional who loves learning about the world. Mr. Duplisea has been in the IT industry of the maritimes for over 3 years.


Web Content Specialist, Adnet Communications

Halifax, Nova Scotia — 2012-2014

Employed in the Updates Department overseeing content and front-end development changes for over 500+ mining industry websites and others.


  • Disseminated fragile and important news releases regulated and monitored by the TSX and other world markets to over 10,000 investors on a regular basis.
  • Developed complex front-end javascript solutions for clients ranging from video players to dynamic search.
  • Worked with clients to implement important changes where timing was crucial.

Junior Web Developer, Cossette East

Halifax, Nova Scotia— 2011

Employed in the Digital Department, where our small team developed websites of major companies such as O’Regans, McDonalds, and Killam Properties.


  • Learned and contributed to a complex in house CMS developed with WISP (Windows/IIS/MS SQL Server/PHP)
  • Contributed at every step of the process in creating websites for clients.
  • Was responsible for maintenance and support of finished websites.


New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) - Saint John Campus

Information Technology: Programmer/Analyst (ITPA) — 2009-2011


Learned various skills associated with the IT industry, which included project management, software development, and system’s analysis.


  • Full Stack experience in Linux Development (Apache, Nginx, Node).
  • Design and UX experience in Photoshop, Gimp, and HTML/CSS.
  • Client relations experience which includes retention and fact finding.
  • Google Analytics and web marketing experience including social media.
  • Mobile First development and responsive web design experience.


Available upon request.